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Are you ready to enter the voxel verse and discover the world of blockchain gaming? Look no further than Nebula, the innovative platform that offers gamers a playground and community to explore decentralized multimedia and blockchain games.

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Seamless, low-cost gaming experiences to our players, with no fees on any transactions on Nebula. You will only pay fees during bridging assets to and from L1 Ethereum.

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0 Transaction fee benefits

0 transaction fees help to foster healthier in-game economies, as players can more easily trade and interact with one another without worrying about expensive fees.


NEB currency

Our platform currency. Use and earn it cross game, in the Nebula asset marketplace, and more. All Nebula gamer tags mine NEB no matter the chain, but can only be utilized on Skale.

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Nebula Gamer Tags

Register once and own forever! Each tag mines NEB currency. Owners can also boost thier "hashrate" to earn even more NEB. Mining NEB will last for 40 years so no oversaturation of circulating tokens. Tags can be registered on any chain we support as well as mining NEB.

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Chainsafe gaming SDK

Optimized for use in the gaming and multimedia industry. Our blockchain is fully compatible with web3.unity developed by ChainSafe Systems that allows developers to easily add web3 functionality (such as nfts, tokens and smart contracts) to their games.


Web2 to Web3 Integration

Whether you are a seasoned blockchain developer or just started making your first blockchain game, you will have a seamless experience porting your web2 games to web3 and deploying it to the Nebula ecosystem.

NEB Gamer Tag

Experience the convenience of a single, cross-game identity with NEB gamer tags. Not only can you use your tag to represent yourself on the Nebula gaming platform, but you can also mine Nebula tokens and participate in the platform's decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance. Plus, with a one-time registration, your NEB gamer tag will never expire. As a bonus, registered users can also get early access to beta testing for upcoming games, win prizes, and receive discounts.

Nebula.neb Gamer Tag

NEB Tokenomics

No ICO. No Founder tokens. Fair distribution mimicking Proof-of-Work (PoW) fused with Proof-of-Participation (PoP).

*NEB block reward reduces on every new registration

**The reserves will be generated through mining via tag registration. A similar approach would be taken by games that incorporate NEB into their game economy.
This way we can maintain a fair distribution model for all aspects of the Nebula ecosystem.

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